About Us

Our company has been providing repatriation services for years now and, as such, we are equipped with all the necessary know-how to carry out proper funeral shipping procedure. We work closely with various other companies and institutions, help you take care of all the paperwork and our employees are always ready to extend a helping hand at this time of need.

Quality assurance

A quality service is guaranteed as we have been specializing in this field of work for years now.


We have subsidiaries in a multitude of countries, allowing the body to be delivered in the most efficient manner possible.


We understand what it's like to lose a loved one, rest assured that each and every individual case will be handled with the dignity that it rightly deserves.


Plentiful experience and a multitude of subsidiaries all around the world allows us to provide our services at an affordable price range.


We work closely with various institutions, organizations and companies.

24/7 Service

Our doors are open at any time of day, at any time of the year.

Why choose us?

Financial aid

Financial aid available for Lithuanian citizens who can't afford international funeral shipping and we can assist you in getting your hands on it!


Every individual case is unique and will require different paperwork to be filled out. We'll help guide you through the process!

24/7 Service

Death comes knocking at our door at the most inopportune of times and it cares little for borders. We provide all the necessary support needed round the clock.


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